The Bali Dream

Only ten? I could give you 1000 reason why you should visit Bali but i would bore you and you would call me chatty! An island that many years now has become one of the most beloved earthly paradises! Bali far away in Indonesia has a charm no one can resist. That’s why I will try to “contain” my enthusiasm and choose 10 important things that has in its favor.


Most likely you’ve seen Eat Pray Love with Julia Roberts going to Bali to rediscover herself and meets Javier Barden (sexy!) and he becomes the love of her life. Love Story! Well..don’t get your hopes up.. The Good ones are always taken (It’s a hot destination for a honeymoon) and people in Bali are quite short for me-unless you are 1,5 tall. So get your friends book a second thoughts.. Worth it? Why? You’ll find out pretty soon..



The weather is good,sunny up to 30 degrees Celsius.IMG_6018


Bali has a tropical climate . For example,you can be sitting on α sunbed and suddently it starts raining!No worries, it will not last for long and you’ll enjoy the hot sun again. Generally, it has a warm weather all year round so for me going in winter is the best.. To pack your bags with your swimsuits, flip flops and sunscreens in December like it has been passed only 8 months and summer is here again..Priceless feeling :) When you will return you’ll have a great bronze tanning!



Coral reefs, volcanic, organized, isolated, some are ideal for surfing,some are more calm and peaceful, rocky with volcanic granite with white, gold,brown or black sand.

(112) αντίγραφο

Bali seas are exotic that’s why are so popular. Endless gold sand beaches make you feel like you are in an earthly paradise. The water is so warm so you don’t hesitate to take a dip and the beaches are so big and not at all crowded. I can’t say it has the best beaches as I am Greek and I have seen many and amazing beaches on our islands! Like the greek beaches NOWHERE! (I’m not a localist!! )..


 A lot of plantation and vegetation, active volcanos, intoxicating smells from the tropical ground.



I didn’t have a clue how rice is being grown and the form that it has before it ends up on my plate.Bali has a reputation of its greenery. It’s a spectacular place because the fields have a gradual formation on the mountain like small balconies. Nature really flourishes there. We visited a tree nursery and i saw the cinnamon tree(I didn’t know that cinnamon comes from a log of a tree!) the plant that gives pepper( clueless again) and others.
(Τhe agronomists will be laughing at me right now :) ). The most ompressive-I left it at the end.. One-even until nowadays- active volcano,the Kintamani volcano! The view is so impressive,mysterious and eerie. From the highest top of the island (where we stopped to take pictures) we saw the two craters and on the base of the volcano is the magical view of the lake Batur. (pictures of the sights will be soon included in the collection)



Monkeys,bats,crocodiles,rare birds,elephants,weasels are some of the animals you’ll see in Bali.



Those little monkeys stole my heart!So cute and clever creatures!A stroll in the “Woods of Monkeys” is enough to see a monkey and its majesty! Hundreds of monkeys are walking around free, grapping your feet or even climbing on your shoulder if they like you enough! After we finished our walk in the woods,we stopped to drink a cup of cocoa that the make the very same moment.But those are for boring people.. I  wanted to experiment… So i’m just going to say it.. The shop was serving coffee made from the poop of the weasel!And I drank all my cup of coffee! Don’t freak! It has the same taste of our greek coffee,nothing weird poop flavor there…not I’ve ever taste poop…or maybe not(weasle’s) :0 oops!



Kind,humble,smiley and always willing to help you.



You will get to know how hospitable and open-hearted people are when you go in to a balinese home. Always willing to welcome you and take care of you. They are accustomed to the whole tourism so it sn’t strange for them to see Western people in their country. One thing that impressed me was how addictive balinese men were in gambling. And when I’m talking about gambling i’m not talking about cards or game bets but roosters!Yes,nothing is wrong with your eyes.. Rooster fights is the main hoppy of a Balinese! Roosters everywhere,people beting their little money on them hoping the will get lucky!



Temples on every corner,wooden little Budas and other carvings that are talking about Gods are featuring Bali as  “the island of Gods”.



No way you’re going to Bali without watching a play. It’s the most traditional and folk thing there. Strange and divine customes, cute dancers and rythmic sways to Balinese music. What is really strange and different in Bali is that there is a banana peel and a basket adorned with flowers with a coin or a treat in it,outside of enery house door. It is “the gift to the Gods” (as our tour guide explained) and it is the first thing a Balinise person does every morning before he starts his day. They believe in Carma and their every day life is a constant expression of the need to honor,to pray to pacify the Gods, nymphs and witches!




Comfortable chaise lounges,huge poufs on the beach,ideal music with refreshing coctails.



By far the greatest beach bar in Bali is Karma Beach Club(it has been awarded as one of the five best beach bars in the world by CNNTravel) on the Karma Kandara beach and before switching ownership was called Nammos beach bar! Ring a bell? Mykonos!!! And the best? The barman in charge of cocktails is Greek!!Oh yes! This way I had the chance to find out all the juicy gossips about this place! You want details? So be it. Mykonos and Bali were the same franchise until the associates had a disagreement and stopped working together. One of the them(not the Greek one) came and open the same beach bar in Bali! The most unique of all is how you get there as it has one way possible, a private chair lift that gets you 100 meters down the big hill.



Enjoyable, refreshing with unique flavors.

With so many exotic fruits are endless combinations of enjoying an alcoholic or an nonalcoholic coctail.A lot of colors IMG_6248 and flavors can be mixed because of those strange fruits.What’s better than chilling on your sunbed and drinking a coctail?


Delicious lobsters,fresh fish,chilly sauces with a spectacular view of the ocean.



Bali has the most spicy cuisine in the whole WORLD! One minute of not paying attention on your sauce and you can end up with hot steam coming from your ears!! Tropic fruts, yams, fresh seafood are served on banana peels with rice and also lobsters and barbecue chicken are some of the Indonesian specialties. But be careful are extremely hot as they are seasoned with exotic spices!



Enjoy a Balinese massage and surrender yourself to the hands of a professional masseur. 



I left the best at the end!One of the greatest things that you can do in Bali is to relax your body with a massage.There are so many places you can get a massage from luxurious spas end even massages on the sunbeds.The cost is pretty low comparing with that in Greece (e.g 15 euros/per hour).I recommend you the Balinese massages as it is the natural thing to do as you will be in Bali!

This little paradise has an address!!!

Thanks for reading!

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