The CS Girl


The Crazy Suitcase Girl


Born in Argos of Argolida, first-born in the family, I always was in love with pictures and during my childhood I was dreaming of being in various places worldwide. Colours and landscapes magnetized me and my aim in life was traveling all around the world!!!

I spent my years as a student in Athens studying in National Metsovion Polytechnic in School of Civil Engineering. University seemed to be a good opportunity for a brilliant career……and a fine job as an engineer seemed to be the most reasonable decision. Except from the fact that my professional course did not begin in a normal way in a time of financial crisis, soon I realized that it was not what expresses me. I didn’t wish to work with a diploma which would have me stuck in an office chair all day making my dreams fade away.

My greatest fear was waking up in one morning and realizing that my life had passed and the only thing I had to demonstrate for my self was a shining diploma and an average job for which I had no interest at all. The only thing which made me really happy was traveling. The magic of discovering something new, learning things from a different civilization, a different culture, that was all I wanted to live.

The CS Girl

I have traveled in various places worldwide. I always aimed at going on a journey abroad once a year, in another continent and if I’m able, one in Europe as well. I was feeling complete only through traveling and, even more, returning in excitement showing my friends pictures for endless hours and describing them everything! Describing feelings, describing smells, describing the different life….that’s it! That’s what I love to do! So I seriously started thinking of the creation of a blog where I would be able to share my experiences with the rest of the world.

It took a lot of strength to get away from the standards and say that I will abandon the effort at finding an “office work” and chase my dream. But the moment that happened, the moment I took the decision, I spread my wings.

My dream was transformed in a “crazy suitcase” as my site is called

It took only one day for me to take the decision and change my life.

So don’t fear of going somewhere you’ve never been before, trying something new or losing your convenience, because that is when you really start to live!

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